Kaiser Premium Assistance From Covered California


Q: Is it possible to have a Kaiser Health Plan and a tax credit subsidy from Covered California?  Yes!

You potentially qualify as a California resident based on income, for example:

  • A single 32 year-old may qualify with household income under $46,000.
  • A family of 5 may qualify with household income under $110,000, as outlined in this chart.

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Premium Subsidy For Kaiser Members?GoldenGateBridge-Santa Clara

Caution Is advised, so get sound advice!  Qualifying for premium assistance can be more complicated than it seems and there could be complications.  One of the benefits of the new law is getting free consumer assistance from Certified Insurance Agents, the only professionals authorized by the State of California to explain the coverage difference of purchasing Kaiser directly or via a health care exchange.  Request a meeting with a Certified agent in the San Francisco Bay Area here.

Remember, in order to apply for coverage outside of the Open Enrollment window, you must have a Special Event.  Read more about Special Event Qualifying Events here.

Questions?  Get Kaiser Premium Assistance and Enrollment Help Now